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Skin Polishing Facial Kit

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Skin Polishing Facial Kit

Polishing kit is a perfect alignment of herbal actives and miracle of nano technology to rub magic on your skin. It assists in removing dead cells, reduces and fades spots from the surface of the skin. It is a contemporary invention that treats your skin, removes blemishes, improves skin texture and gives you fresh vibrant skin. The helps stimulate the cleaning action of clogged pores and removes the dirt and grime from the layers of the skin. It helps keep your skin tight and firm. This enhancement formula contains a special mixture od diamond dust, help remove dead skin cells and replenish and polish your skin.

Lightning/ Skin Whitening Cleaner and more Uniform Complexion Smoother Skin.

Variants Available
1- Cleanser
2- Scrub
3- Massage Cream
4- Gel
5- Face Pack