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D-Tan Facial Kit

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D-Tan Facial Kit

It gives instant brightening and lightens the skin tone while exfoliating skin, removing the tan from skin and making it look fairer and younger. Facials are good to make the skin tone lighter and to lighten the effects of the sun. It will remove the damage that has beenn done by the sun rays and pollution as well. This is also a good kit to remove the dull skin. They are good to get healthy skin tone and to lighten the skin darkness. This will effectively create a soothing effects on your skin with wonderful toing effect of skin. The complexion that shallow and dark due to sun tan can also be treated well with this kit.

Soul rediance D-Tan Facial is a powerful formula that helps fade away sun

Variants Available
1- Cleanser
2- Exfoliating Scrub
3- Massage Cream
4- Gel
5- Mask